Extraordinary Popular Delusions

"Buying into the hype since 1841."

If you want to read Charles Mackey's classic "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds", you can find it here.

My "City of Heroes"-based Alternate Reality Game is over, but you can read through the finished story. Click here to go to the livejournal of Peppermint, Paragon City's most naive superhero. There you may find the thrilling story of her struggle against her arch-nemesis, The Hegemon, and against her own recurring amnesia.

(I'm also providing web hosting for Peppermint and The Hegemon, which I'm just linking to here so the search engines can find them.)

I'm a world-renowned expert on pages 352-363 of Stephen R. Donaldson's novel Lord Foul's Bane and was invited to discuss them on Heatherly and Julie's Fantasy Bedtime Hour.

There's a good overview of Fantasy Bedtime Hour here.

I was on Episode 24, which you can download from here. Most of it's incomprehensible if you haven't read the book, but there's a scene at the end that I think stands on its own. I don't want to give away the startling twist, so I'll just tell you to download it and skip ahead to the 25-minute mark.

My co-experts and sworn companions Ann and Henna also have webpages.

My photo galleries are here

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