Welcome to the Labyrinth.

I assume that you're here because my idiot sister asked you to help her. If you've stumbled across the page by accident, check out her journal and then decide if you want to get involved.


My idiot sister tells a sad story, doesn't she? Sad for her, sadder for me. There was a time when we could have ruled the world together, she and I. But she's diminished, and diminished again. Every time we meet, there's less of her than there was before. Right now she can't remember her own name or solve the simplest of children's puzzles. If this goes on for much longer, then there will be nothing left of her at all. And no one but me will remember who she was, and who she could have been.

This latest round of amnesia just makes things worse. She is denying-the-antecedent; she is refusing to accept what has happened before. Things were hard enough when she could still remember her past. Now she must be told what her past was, and persuaded to accept it.

Really, the situation is hopeless. There's too much past, too little future.

But it seems like my idiot sister hasn't given up entirely. She couldn't read my letter on her own, but she was able to convince you to read it for her.

You've come this far, but I wonder if you're capable of going any further? Here's a research project for you: Everyone in Paragon City has heard of the great hero Superman, and of his vulnerability to Kryptonite. You probably know that exposure to green kryptonite could kill him in minutes. But did you know that there are other types of kryptonite? There's a particular color of kryptonite that would leave Superman alive, but strip him of his powers forever.

What color is that? Take the word and put it in place of the word "index" in the URL for this page. Only use lowercase letters.

(For example, if you think the answer is "Red", go to the URL: http://extraordinary-popular-delusions.com/atc/phase1/red.shtml )

Sincerely yours,