The Discount Inn.

And hello once again to my idiot sister's friends! Congratulations on leading her to the Discount Inn. You've uncovered perhaps a few hours of her past, and part of one of her many aliases. It's a beginning.

But there's still a great deal left to do. My idiot sister is denying-the-antecedent, she is refusing to accept what has happened before. She won't reach her destiny unless she's dragged kicking-and-screaming every step of the way.

Well, let's get to work! We need to solve the easy puzzles before we can tackle the hard ones. Today I'm willing to tell you about my sister's Origin, her Bane, and her Ultimate Quest.

Do you see the photo up above? It's from the movie "Memento", which I've found myself watching a lot lately: "I can't remember to forget you."

The director of that movie is working on a documentary about the life of a famous superhero. Perhaps you can name that superhero for me?

Same rules as in phase 1. Replace the word "index" up above with your answer, and use lowercase letters only.

Most sincerely yours,


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  • Discount Inn photo: Memento screen capture
  • "City of Heroes" Universe: NCsoft
  • Maze background: Think Labyrinth
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  • Everything else: Me!