You win.

Not bad at all!

Let's see, I promised you three pieces of information.

My idiot sister's Origin was the laboratory of the late and unlamented Dr. Ferris. This is also the place where she was given the four crystals that she carries.

Her Bane is 2-Diethylaminoethyl 4-aminobenzoate lethe-chloride. She can survive another dose of it, perhaps even two, but any more than that would destroy her mind completely. Her enemies know this, and so they'll only use it in the direst of emergencies.

Her Ultimate Quest is to find the fifth crystal, the Orb of Moqiss. Before she can find the fifth crystal, she needs to find the five keys. I keep telling her this, but it never sinks in.

You probably want to hear about the keys. At the beginning, she knew the keys as well as she knew her own name. But things went terribly wrong, and she's been searching for the keys ever since. Sometimes she finds them, but she can never remember them for long. It would be nice if she would just tell me each key as she finds it, but most of the time she distrusts me for some reason. The only key I can give you is the fifth one; it is the word "Swordfish".

The fourth key and the third key are in the hands of her enemies. The second key she's found only once, when her name was Mori. The first key she's never found at all.

Pass all that on to my idiot sister, if you like.

Most sincerely yours,


Actually, it occurs to me that I've been a little rude. I haven't told you my name yet. Maybe I'll tell you if you can solve another puzzle. But on the other hand, I really don't feel like giving out my name, so maybe I'll give you a puzzle that's impossible to solve...

Wait, I just found another coin in my pocket! Let's play our game again. I'll add this new coin to the 23 that were already on the table, and we'll use the same rules as before.

Click here when you're ready to start. You might find this rather harder than the earlier puzzles, so don't feel ashamed if you have to go to my sister with just the information you already have.