A Final Message

Well, my physical body is dead, but of course I still live on in the hearts of everyone who remembers me!

I had the Phase Six puzzles almost done before I died, so my cute sister Peppermint is going to edit my notes and then put them up on my website. I've got something pretty interesting this time! It's a document about how Peppermint and I were born!

Anyway, here's the first puzzle: You know that my cute sister has used a lot of different names. Right now she's called Peppermint, but she's also been Mori, and Jane Doe, and Ilsa, and Silverlight, and Skippy Tracer, and probably a lot of other names that we don't know about. But she also had another name, a name that Dr. Ferris gave her. I've told you her name before, although you might not have noticed it! In the URL above, replace the word "index" with her name...use lowercase letters only, and throw out any spaces or hyphens.

(Here's a hint: "Ferris" isn't any part of her name. Ferris created us, but he never considered us family.)

Finally, I'd like to apologize to all the people I've been rude to. I probably meant to apologize a long time ago, but somehow I never got around to it.

Most sincerely yours,

-The Hegemon