Thanks to everyone's help, I've learned a lot of stuff! I figured that I'd better start organizing it:

General Knowldge

This section is for general knowledge that everyone in Paragon City knows already. I'm putting it here for the benefit of people from out-of-town.

  • G.I.F.T. is one of the five major superhero organizations in Paragon City. Membership is open to mutant superheroes only. Antonio Nash is the main point of contact in the Atlas Park district.
  • E.L.I.T.E. is an organization similar to G.I.F.T., but members are unmodified humans who have obtained superpowers through dedicated practice and training. G.I.F.T. and E.L.I.T.E. have the same goals and their members frequently work together, but there's a certain amount of friendly rivalry between the groups.
  • The Skulls are a street gang active in Paragon City.
  • The Fifth Column is a criminal organization, descended from the Nazi Fifth Column saboteurs who worked in Paragon City during the 1940's.
  • Crey Industries is a major multinational corporation which is rumored to have criminal ties.
  • Atlas Park, Galaxy City, Steel Canyon, Talos Island, Perez Park and King's Row are districts within Paragon City.


  • The Hegemon - My twin sister. She acts a lot like a villain, but I think that she might be a good person deep down. (I mean, really, really deep down, where it doesn't show at all!)
  • Dr. Ferris - An evil scientist who created me and the Hegemon as part of a failed attempt to create a super-human intelligence. Before we escaped, we came up with the designs for the Thompson Harmonizer, which he later had constructed. Several years later, I returned and killed him.
  • Highway Sixty-One Revisited - My younger sister. I rescued her from Dr. Ferris, but my life was a lot more complicated back then, and it wasn't safe for her to stay with me. I left her at an orphanage, but one day I will find her again.
  • Overgroupleader Smith - AKA Unterscharfuhrer Schmidt. A member of the Fifth Column, who tried to feed me misinformation so I'd stop listening to the Hegemon. When his lies were exposed, he tried to erase my memories, but it didn't work. He was apparently made a scapegoat for the failed operation and we probably won't be seeing him again.
  • Obersturmfuhrer Vogel - A high-ranking Fifth Column member. I need to watch out for him!


  • The Discount Inn - A cheap motel in Galaxy City. I live there.
  • The Silverlight Foundation - A medical facility. They've done a lot of research on the subject of amnesia.
  • Metropolis - The city where the Silverlight Foundation is based. Superman and the Justice League of America are also headquartered there.


  • 2-Diethylaminoethyl 4-aminobenzoate lethe-chloride. - This is a drug that erases memories. It's been used on me several times, and the Hegemon says that one more dose would probably destroy my mind completely!
  • The Four Crystals - These are four crystals which I've had with me since childhood. At different times, they seem to have had different colors and performed different functions. Right now they're pale blue and they give me power over ice.
  • The Orb of Moqiss - The Hegemon tells me that I need to find this. She's called it "The Fifth Crystal", which makes me think that it's related to the four crystals I have already.
  • The Five Keys - These are apparently passwords that I'll need to get the Orb of Moqiss. See the section below for more information about the keys.
  • Project X - AKA "Project Xylophone" and "The Thompson Harmonizer". This is a super-weapon that could be used to destroy Paragon City. The Five Keys are needed to activate it.

My Names and Memories

I've unlocked some memories from before I had amnesia. In those memories, I'm using several different names:

  • (Unknown) - A childhood memory, of a time when The Hegemon and I faced death unless we could break a particular code. I was somehow able to do it; my code-breaking abilities were a lot better than they are today! In a later memory, I'm sealing away some device using five passwords.
  • Ilsa - A Fifth Column operative. I was working with them to find the Five Keys until The Hegemon stopped me.
  • Silverlight - A street preacher turned medical researcher.
  • Jane Doe - In this memory, I'm a crimefighter in Paragon City. I was cracking a Skulls code...I was a lot better at breaking codes than I am today, but not nearly good as I had been as a child. In the memory, I blamed the Fifth Column for my loss of skills.
  • Skippy Tracer - A hard-boiled detective. I killed Dr. Ferris when I was using this name.
  • Mori - The next-to-last name I was using. I was visiting Paragon City to get information on how to break Fifth Column codes, in order to discover the Second Key. Mori's friends may know what the Second Key is, if I can find out who they are.
  • Peppermint - Me!!!

The Five Keys

I need to find the Five Keys in order to get the Orb of Moqiss. The Fifth Key is common knowledge, but the others are secret so I'm going to encrypt them with my personal code before I post them.

  • The Fifth Key - I got this from the Hegemon; it's "SWORDFISH".
  • The Fourth Key - This was being held by the Fifth Column in the Liberty Building. Encrypted with my new personal code, it's NAQGU RRNEG UJNFI BVQNA QJVGU BHGSB EZ
  • The Third Key - Ramman captured a copy from the Fifth Column before it was destroyed, and Bonesnapper got a copy from somewhere (probably the E.L.I.T.E. archives). It's EBFRO HQ
  • The Second Key - I got this from one of Mori's friends: CHEVG LBSRF FRAPR
  • The First Key - I eventually remembered that this was something from a movie. I was able to track it down and find out that it's: RERVN ZWU

My To-Do List

  • Find the place where the Five Keys are used. This has something to do with the "Orb of Moqiss".
  • Find out what the "Orb of Moqiss" is.
  • Once I have all Five Keys, I can use them to control the Thompson Harmonizer. It's is far too dangerous to use, but I should be able to destroy it, or at least re-seal it permanently by using some longer and more random Keys.
  • Make sure that the Hegemon and the Fifth Column don't get any more keys.