Phase 3 Answers!

Here's are the answers from the third set of puzzles. The Hegemon was on vacation this time around, but a puzzle developed from my meeting with Overgroupleader Smith.

Question 1 - What's the puzzle?

Overgroupleader Smith told me that the Hegemon was playing an elaborate hoax on me, and that I shouldn't believe anything she said.

So the puzzle was to find out who was really telling the truth: Smith or the Hegemon?

Question 2 - What's the answer?

Smith was wearing a Fifth Column uniform, which suggested that he was up to no good. But that doesn't prove anything, because we already know that the Hegemon is also up to no good.

But several of the things that Smith said were suspicious:

  • * Smith said that all lethe-sequence medicines are harmless over-the-counter digestive remedies. But reasearch showed that the ancient Greeks used water from the river "Lethe" to erase memories. That suggests that the Hegemon was right, and the drug she named was related to my amnesia problem.
  • * Smith said that a "Hegemon" is an evolved Pokemon, and that it's therefore the sort of alias that a child would use. Actually a Hegemon isn't any kind of Pokemon; a Hegemon is a leader, especially a leader who exercises rigid or authoritarian control.
  • * Smith said that "Project X" wasn't in the archives. That was a really odd thing for him to tell me, because nobody had said anything about a "Project X"!

*Sigh.* I should have been able to figure that out on my own.

That's all!