Phase 4 Answers!

Here are the answers to the "Phase 4" puzzles:

Question 1 - The "Dracula" question.

Apparently the "historical Dracula" was named Vlad Tepes, so the first webpage is:

Question 2 - The Cryptogram


The first word of the Cryptogram is "The".

Decoded message:

The Director and his students stood for a short time watching a game of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy. Twenty children were grouped in a circle round a chrome steel tower. A ball thrown up so as to land on the platform at the top of the tower rolled down into the interior, fell on a rapidly revolving disk, was hurled through one or other of the numerous apertures pierced in the cylindrical casing, and had to be caught.

"Strange," mused the Director, as they turned away, "strange to think that even in Our Ford's day most games were played without more apparatus than a ball or two and a few sticks and perhaps a bit of netting. Imagine the folly of allowing people to play elaborate games which do nothing whatever to increase consumption. It's madness. Nowadays the Controllers won't approve of any new game unless it can be shown that it requires at least as much apparatus as the most complicated of existing games."


It turns out that the message is from Chapter 3 of "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, so the next URL is:

Question 3 - The Disks


According to my "Mori" memories, the disks have something to do with "Bletchley Park", they contain electrical wiring, and the code that's associated with them was broken more than 60 years ago. Mori also referred to the disks as "rotors".


The German World War II "Enigma" code machine fits all of the clues. So the URL is:

Question 4 - The Coded Message

This doesn't really count as a puzzle; all you need to do is follow The Hegemon's instructions and decode the message. I'll put the decoded message below as a convenience.

To: High Command From: Obersturmfuhrer Vogel, Paragon City Re: Project X

It is my sad duty to inform you that the traitor agent Ilsa has resumed her search for the Five Keys for Project Xylophone. This is solely due to the bungling of Unterscharfuhrer Schmidt.

After the death of The Hegemon, the recovery of the stolen Enigma rotors, and the erasure of Ilsa's "Mori" personality, Unterscharfuhrer Schmidt felt that it was best to allow Ilsa to remain in Paragon City. However, Ilsa's latest personality ("Peppermint") has received a set of communications regarding the Five Keys. These communications were purportedly from The Hegemon...this might be some unknown party using The Hegemon's name. (Unless Schmidt killed the wrong target again, which wouldn't surprise me at all.)

Acting on his own initiative, Schmidt posed as "Overgroupleader Smith" in order to feed misinformation to Ilsa and lead her off the trail. However, his lies were exposed by several Paragon City agents, most notably "Master Wonderful". To make matters worse, Schmidt forgot to change out of his uniform before meeting Ilsa, so now she knows that he's connected to the Fifth Column. (In addition, "Overgroupleader" is a fairly direct translation of our "Ubergruppenfuhrer" rank, which Schmidt isn't entitled to claim, so we can probably add "impersonating an officer" to the list of crimes he's committed.)

Upon realizing his mistake, Schmidt decided to erase Ilsa's memories with 2-Diethylaminoethyl 4-aminobenzoate lethe-chloride. Since the Medical Section believed that another full dose would likely be fatal, he decided to give her a half-dose. This caused her a brief period of confusion but did not trigger a permanent loss of memory or any noticeable personality change. Further use of the drug is absolutely contraindicated by the Medical Section.

Since Ilsa's memories can no longer be erased, we need to insure that she stays in Paragon City, where we can keep her under surveillance. We've tried holding her captive in the past, but she always winds up escaping, causing significant damage to property and personnel in the process. Of course, killing her is not an option, as long as there's a possibility that she'll lead us to the two Keys that we're missing.

Finally, and this may be nothing...I'm hearing some odd rumors that a few misguided soldiers think that Project Xylophone is somehow incompatible with the goals of the Fifth Column. If these rumors are true, then they want to allow Ilsa to obtain the Five Keys, in hopes that she'll use them to gain access to the Harmonizer and then re-seal it with a new set of keys, eliminating all the work we've done up until now.

Our proposed course of action:
* Ilsa will be kept under surveillance.
* Internal Affairs will vigorously seek out evidence of attempted sabotage against Project Xylophone.
* Unterscharfuhrer Schmidt will be given a fair court-martial and then executed.
* A strike force will be tasked to deal with "Master Wonderful"; he's been a thorn in our sides for too long and it's time we took action.
* Operatives will be assigned to track and identify "The Hegemon".
* It's come to my attention that we're storing the Fourth Key in the Roosevelt Tower, where Ilsa used to have an office. Her returning memories might lead her there, so I've had the Key moved to our new offices in the Liberty Building.

Hail Victory,

---Obersturmfuhrer Vogel

PS - I just found out that 100,000 influence is missing from the treasury. Schmidt probably embezzled it to support his gambling habit. When I questioned him about it, he denied having any knowledge of the theft, and then he had the audicity to suggest that I took the money myself. He is completely irredeemable. I've added the theft and the false accusations to the charges against him.

Question 5: The "Atlas" riddle.


Dr. Ferris, the Thompson Harmonizer, and Atlas all appear in a particular book. As far as we can tell, the book isn't on-line anywhere, so a web search won't give you the answer. There's probably no way to get the answer without knowing the book.


In Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged", there's a character named Dr. Floyd Ferris, who works for the State Science Institute and develops a super-weapon called the Thompson Harmonizer. (The superhero Atlas doesn't actually appear in the book, since he died in 1941. The title is one of those metaphor things.)

The Hegemon's question was, "What would Atlas have done?" According to the book's title, the answer is "shrugged", so the next URL is:

That's all!