Phase 6 Answers!

Here are the answers to the "Phase 6" puzzles:

Question 1 - Peppermint's real name

My real name is "Denying-the-Antecedent". The Hegemon told me that a lot of times, but it never sank in. Now that I think about it, Dr. Ferris also told me that, when I met him as "Skippy Tracer".

So the URL is:

Question 2 - The Hegemon's real name


The Hegemon is my twin sister, so her name might be related to mine somehow.


"Denying the Antecedent" is the name of a logical fallacy. There's a related fallacy called "Affirming the Consequent".

(I'm not sure if the Hegemon completely abandoned that name, though. All of her web pages are below the "atc" directory, and those are her initials.)

The next URL is:

Question 3 - Angelos


Like I said, this was an easy one! "Angelos" means "Messenger".

The last URL is:

That's all!